Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who We Are

We are all one kind fighting towards a common goal.
We share the drive to win the next team deathmatch.
We watch as people see guts flying out like how on a television show I saw an exploding ball.
We just want to see blood on Call of Duty as time passes on my watch

thank you


so today we read some blogs. here are some of our favorite lines:
It's important and stuff you know? I think that's part of why things have been weird?
But even still is was a blast!

Black Ops

Pwning some f-ing noobs on CoD black ops. Raping shiz! Ya'll better watch out, me and my crossbow are comin' after you.

Eric S. watch out bro, you cute.

Beeej! that's all you need.

Andrew K. FAGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!

Trenty, let's get it on.